"It is not the ideal time for Spain to play in Barcelona"


Sergio Ramos has been questioned in the press conference prior to the match against Malta for the possibility of dispute a match of the Spanish National Soccer Team in Barcelona. The captain's response leaves no doubt: the political situation in Catalonia does not make it possible.

"Maybe it's not the right time [to play in Barcelona], because without going any further a Classic has been postponed. But hopefully our country will have a balance and then, when it is achieved, if you have to go play in Barcelona, ​​why not? There will be people in Barcelona who want to see their team there, "he said.

Piqué and Benzema, during a Real Madrid - Barcelona.

In this regard, Ramos has admitted that "it's a shame that the Camp Nou Classic was not played on the set date ", especially since he feels they have been harmed with the change of date and time.

"The only ones harmed are us. We were injured because we could both play on Saturday. There is still room to rectify it. If not, we will go with the same desire as always, "he resigned.

Ramos dodged the controversy of the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia, throwing the ball on the roof of the RFEF, although he said that if this tournament "serves to change the situation of women in the future" they will be proud.

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