"It will be a scandal if the truth comes out"


Alberto, whom Master Joao has defined as a "special friend" during his stay at the house of Guadalix de la Sierra, unveiled this Thursday in Save me that maintains a sentimental relationship with the seer, who prepares for his possible expulsion from Big Brother VIP.

The teacher Joao confessed this weekend that, in the case of being the next expelled, he would like Alberto to wait for him at his exit, which did not sit well with his ex-partner, Pol Badía, with whom he shared space in the reality of Telecinco.

Therefore, Alberto has confirmed to Corredera his alleged courtship with the seer, which would have started in February this year. He also explained that he is "angry" with the contestant: "I have heard that if Pol had worked, he would have had a relationship with him," he said.

The former contestant of Survivors 2018 settled the relationship with Badía by Alberto, who has been commented on Save me, could be involved, in turn, in a relationship with another person, Maxi, for eleven years.

Following this information, Kiko Hernández has warned him from the set: "Stay away from toxic people who only they want to hurt. " And it is that the collaborator would have agreed to a series of conversations between Master Joao and his alleged partner who have confirmed that "Alberto is a victim" of the seer.

Alberto's intervention in the program has resulted in a confrontation with the fortune teller's niece, who has come out in his defense. In the midst of the brawl, the guest has admitted that "It would be a scandal if the truth were known" about his relationship with the teacher and has ensured that he has lost his job by going on television.

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