Klaus Iohannis – 31 percent; Dan Barna – 25 percent


Klaus Iohannis won the most votes in Bucharest, 31 percent, and Dan Barna has 25 percent, according to PNL's parallel counters, said on Sunday evening, at Digi24, Rareș Bogdan, the party's first vice president.

In Sector 5 of the Capital, Klaus Iohannis has 31 percent of the vote, while Dan Barna has 20 percent.

In the country, Klaus Iohannis goes to 37 percent (after counting the votes from 14,800 sections), and Viorica Dăncilă has 24.3 percent of the votes, a score that Rareș Bogdan considers "unreally high, dangerous for those who they thought the PSD was dusty. "

PSD "is defeated, suffered the hardest defeat, but the fact that a character, a candidate, to say the least, happy for the left voters could receive 24 percent seems to me huge, really huge, that is, I do not give if they had a better candidate than they could get, if a candidate like Mrs. Dăncilă could accumulate 24 percent, ”commented Digi24 Rareș Bogdan.

According to PNL parallel counters, Dan Barna has 13 percent of the vote.

"We have only 120 diaspora counted sections out of a total of 838 sections, but as estimated, in the diaspora – I think I was among the only ones who said we would win in the diaspora, most of them explained that no, someone else wins – it was clear that the votes are going there, it seems that in the diaspora I won. I have partial results from Italy, where I took over 45 percent, Mr. Barna – somewhere at 30 and something percent, ”said Rareș Bogdan.

He said that after all the votes from the diaspora will arrive, it is likely that 4 percent will accumulate for Klaus Iohannis, which will reach 40 percent, and Viorica Dăncilă will decrease, because he takes almost nothing from the diaspora, and Dan Barna will grow 2 percent.

What will happen in the second round

Is there a risk that Klaus Iohannis will be threatened by Viorica Dăncilă in the second round? Rareș Bogdan was asked. "Can I make a cross?" Was the reaction of the first vice-president of PNL. "For me it is a lot as much as Ms. Danila took. Klaus Iohannis had no emotions with any candidate, not with Dan Barna, I did all the calculations, all the scenarios, all the projections, but with Viorica Dăncilă it is a question of score, meaning I tell you from the beginning that I want to take over 70% in Tour 2 Klaus Iohannis, ”said Rareș Bogdan.

He says, however, that the Liberals need to be very careful, because the PSD is not yet grounded and still has the "hellish capacity, like a lion's leg, to recover" and is dangerous. "We have to keep an eye on them, we have to govern well," said Rareș Bogdan.

Asked if there would be a debate between Klaus Iohannis and his counter-candidate, the Liberal explained that the incumbent president has not so far participated in the debates because he "spoke through his mandate". On Monday, liberals will meet with the president and make a decision.

"But … what to tell you … it's hard for me to think, you know what a debate looks like Klaus Iohannis, who is very up, comes from meeting with Donald Trump, Emmanuel Macron, and Mrs. Viorica Dăncilă, who comes from the meeting with Codrin Stefanescu, Mrs. Olguța Vasilescu and Mr. Nicolicea or Mr. Bădălău. Please, we respect everyone, those who gave the vote are Romanian citizens, they are deservedly respected, but Klaus Iohannis is the president who will rule Romania in the next five years, for sure, after we have the support of the Romanian citizens who have understood and in turn. they have to convince others that it is option no. 1 for this country in the next five years. We still have to offer a fair partnership for Romania and also those in the right area, both USR-PLUS and PMP, to join us in our efforts to truly change Romania and cause early elections. ”, Concluded Rareș Bogdan.

Editor: Luana Păvălucă

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