Kurdish film festival at UNAM


* Some short films of the International Film Festival of Rojava are screened at the Institute of Social Research

By Iván Santiago Marcelo

Mexico, November 13 (Notimex) .— The University Seminar of Middle Eastern Cultures of the UNAM screened some short films as a show of support for the fourth edition of the International Film Festival of Rojava, which was affected by the conflicts that They live in that region. Prior to the presentations, Carlos Martínez Assad, director of that seminar, said that the purpose of this activity is to show the materials made by groups working inside the Kurdish region, in northern Syria, “because this area It is not alien to the cinema, there are many very important films made by great filmmakers. ” Erika González, a master's student at the Center for Economic Research and Teaching (CIDE) and who served as a liaison with the organizers of the festival, explained that the projections that were made this Wednesday respond to a call made by the film communes of Rojava, which are groups that were established in northern Syria for the promotion of culture and art among the population that lives there. “At this moment the area is in a conflict, on October 9 Turkey decided an invasion in this region and a large part of the population has been displaced; The festival that was going to take place in Rojava, for all this conflict, is not possible to be carried out. In a call of solidarity, the organizers invite anyone who likes to join the world to reproduce this festival, at least the opening that is this November 13, ”he said. The student of the master's degree in International History, who also develops a project on Kurdish cinema, said they decided to respond to that call, because they are convinced that cinema is a way of knowing the problems of a community. The short films that were shown are only part of a small selection made by the organizers of the festival that, in Rojava, was intended to be made for five days, he said.

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