'La Guapi' accepts six years in jail and a fine of one million euros for drug trafficking


Manuela Fernández Cortés, known as 'La Guapi', accepted this Monday a six-year sentence and one day in jail plus one fine of one million euros for drug trafficking, while his brother, Francisco Tomás Hernández Cortés, nicknamed 'El Ico', has accepted a three-year sentence.

Police van

The two sons of the matriarch of Son Banya clan known as 'La Paca', along with several other people, they have reached an agreement with the Prosecutor in the trial held in the Second Section of the Balearic Provincial Court. However, to 'El Ico' also imposes a fine of 17,000 euros, which means six more months in jail in case of default. The defendant has already advanced in the hearing that could not pay them.

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