Land in Resistance: we are not yet one step further Interior


"With a great sense of frustration, we have to conclude that we have not moved a step further since then," says Grond in Verzet on Sunday to the prime minister and four ministers and to the group chairmen in the Lower House. "We greatly appreciated that ministers and MPs were present that day, but what is happening now?"

The action group states that the need is out of the question: the pipeline of work is being emptied at lightning speed for most contractors and earthmovers. "Contractors are starting to work below cost, housing and infrastructure and waterwork are running into hopeless delays, sand is running out, inland shipping and trucks have less to transport, waterways are no longer dredged and there are hardly any new projects."

Grond in Verzet says on Tuesday to meet Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister Stientje van Veldhoven (Environment and Living) to explain the letter in person. Then the activists also want to hand over the manifesto to the group chairmen.

The campaign on the Malieveld has been kept "very public-friendly", says Grond in Verzet. "We are therefore urgently calling on you to act quickly and to prevent any further action being required at all."

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