LIVEBLOG Presidential elections 2019. Large presence is announced at the polls and in the country. Over 3,000,000 Romanians voted. The first partial results from the Diaspora


Presence to vote – presidential elections 2019. LIVE results from BEC

Presence to vote abroad. LIVE results from BEC

UPDATE USR deputy Cătălin Drulă posted on Facebook a parallel count of the results of the vote in Auckland, New Zealand. According to him, Dan Barna obtained 47.6% of the votes, followed by Klaus Iohannis, Viorica Dăncilă and Mircea Diaconu. How much did the other candidates get.

UPDATE Election taxi in a commune in Olt, with the car of the town hall. Edil: "If she was older then, and she got out of the way, she would have done it by hand …"

The situation was reported in the village Dobrun, Olt county, where the representative of the PNL organization, Costel Moraru, announced the head of the commune in the commune that the driver of the school bus transports the citizens to the polling station in Roşeni using the car of the town hall.

UPDATE The wife of President Klaus Iohannis, Carmen Iohannis, invited Romanians to vote, saying that it is "very important" for all Romanians to vote.

"It is a very important day today, I voted for normal Romania and I invite you all to vote. It is very important that all Romanians come to the vote, ”said Carmen Iohannis.


PRESENT AT THE VOTE AT 12.00 The attendance at the national level was 15.82%.

The counties with the largest presence at 10 am Ilfov, with 20.32%, Constanta, with 19.02% and Teleorman with 18.71%.

The smallest presence was in Satu Mare, with 11.04%, Covasna with 11.21% and Maramureş 12.31%.

By noon, 2,882,075 Romanians had voted in the country sections and 363,589 Romanians in the diaspora, which means that the threshold of 3 million voters was exceeded.

UPDATE Dacian Cioloş presented himself at a polling station in Brasov on Sunday and said that he voted for "Romania to go definitively on the path of democracy, honesty and competence, so that common sense people can build a living. here in Romania, without having to leave and for those who left to have reasons to come back ”.

He said that this vote should put an end to the idea that they are voting for fear.

UPDATE Cătălin Ivan, the candidate of the National Alternative for Dignity (DNA) in the presidential, said after voting that this campaign saw "an old political class" and that he is optimistic that the latter "young politicians" will come struggles for the future of this country ”.

“On the one hand we saw an old political class that refused the debate, did not come before the Romanians, and a new generation of politicians. I'm very proud to be a part of it. I am optimistic, I think Romania has a chance, although I did not have an election campaign, the future sounds good. We have young politicians who are fighting for the future of this country, said Catalin Ivan.

UPDATE The mayor of Cluj-Napoca, Emil Boc, says he voted for the candidate who can implement that program for Romania that will determine the Romanians in the country to stay at home, and those who leave to return to the country.

Emil Boc and his wife voted in the Zorilor neighborhood of Cluj. PHOTO: Cluj Day

"It is extremely exciting to see that from the wedding you go to the vote, that in Norway it snows and you go to the vote that in Dubai it is hot and you go to the vote, that is, the Romanians wherever they are, treat these elections with maximum importance and have understood that major political decisions are taken by vote. In fact, what we all want: we want a country as outside, that is a normal Romania and consequently I voted for that candidate who can, in the coming years, put into practice the most important political project, I think, of Romania , that political project where no one in this country is forced anymore, forced to leave their city, region or country for economic reasons. This can be achieved by the candidate who has a partnership with the Government and who can impose those policies on infrastructure, education, health, quality of life so that the Romanians stay home and those who have left to return. It is by far the most important political project for the next years, which I believe we must implement, and consequently I voted in this direction ”, said Emil Boc.

The mayor of Cluj-Napoca, Emil Boc, went to the vote accompanied by the Minister of Agriculture, Adrian Oros, who said he voted for "a normal Romania" and for the candidate who can "end the downturn" in the next period ".

UPDATE The mayor of Timisoara, Nicolae Robu (PNL), voted during the presidential election, at the General School no.30 in the neighborhood where he lives. Robu said he voted for Romania to be voted with dignity.

"I voted for Romania to continue to be represented with dignity, credibility and wisdom," said Nicolae Robu.

Updat The co-president of the "One Man" Electoral Alliance, Norica Nicolai, at the ballot box, urged Romanians to vote because "Romania deserves better"

"Today we voted with our thoughts, each of us on what we mean, on the fact that each of us counts. Not only us, but also our future, of our children and of this country ”, stated Norica Nicolai.

UPDATE Ninel Peia, the candidate of the Romanian People's Party, voted on Sunday in the city of Voluntari. On leaving the station, he said he "voted for the nation and the country".

"Today I voted for the nation and the country. Today I voted with the Romanian people. Today I voted for the cross of St. Andrew, the Christian of the Romanian nation, "said Ninel Peia.

UPDATE The candidate for the presidential elections John Ion Banu declared on Sunday, at the polls, that he had come for a "new political attitude".

"I came for a new attitude in political life, I came to create a breach in political life, in this political caste that no longer responds to the interests of the people. I came here to show that this resignation of the fact that the games are made is not real, ”said John Ion Banu.

UPDATE The Minister of Economy, Virgil Popescu, voted at the section arranged in the general school no. 10 from Drobeta Turnu Severin, at 10.00. He said he voted for a Romania in which people want to stay in the country.

PHOTO Alexandra Georgescu

“Today I came to vote for a normal Romania, for a respected Romania in Europe, for a Romania where people want to stay in the country, not to go away in privilege to look for better paid jobs, for a Romania where we all have our place.

UPDATE How to vote in the tourist resorts on the Prahova Valley. Sinaia breaks record after record

Massive voting presence in the sections arranged in the mountain resorts on the Prahova Valley. Both tourists who spend their weekends in Sinaia or Busteni, but also locals have come to the polls since the early hours.

Thus, at one of the sections of the "George Enescu" High School in Siniaia, an attendance of more than 50% had already been registered at 11.00 hours, and the participation in the vote increases seeing from one minute to another.

UPDATE Tăriceanu: We are witnessing elections that were in perfect anonymity, without election campaign, without debates.

"For the first time in 30 years, we are witnessing elections that were virtually anonymous, without an election campaign, without the necessary debates so that the voters could know the program of each candidate, then vote rationally, based on the electoral offer made by each. It is a serious democratic deficit for this reason and I am going to make a proposal to amend the electoral law so that the electoral campaign is visible from all points of view so that the voters can know what the program of each candidate is ”, a stated Tariceanu

UPDATE Over 2,200,000 Romanians voted until 11.15, according to the data published on the BEC website.

UPDATE Traian Basescu: It is the fundamental moment of generation change. We did what we could

"I think I already have the thinking of the man who went through all the functions and I think that these elections are the fundamental moment of generation change. My generation did what it could do. We are in NATO, in the EU. We could do so, "said the former president.

UPDATE Development Minister Ion Stefan: I expect from the new president a vision of development in the interest of the Romanian citizen.

Ion Stefan went to vote on Sunday in a section set up in Focsani, his hometown.

UPDATE USR-PLUS candidate Dan Barna voted at a branch in Sibiu. USR President Dan Barna says he voted for change, for a Romania that is beginning to make changes now, not in five years or ten years, specifying that this vote is for the future.

“I voted today for change, for a Romania that is beginning to make changes now, not in 5 years, not in 10 years. I voted at the end of a process in which I say that the Romanians understood the stakes of these elections and that indeed the post-89 generation is involved. It is a vote for the future, a vote in which I have great confidence, ”said Bana, when leaving the polling station.

UPDATE The candidate of the UDMR in the Presidency, Kelemen Hunor, voted, on Sunday, in a section of Harghita county, sending the message to the voters to go to the vote and to choose "the best solution for Romania".

"I voted for the future of Romania, for respect and for trust. I voted for society and for a country that will invest in the two imported resources, man and nature, in education and environmental protection and supporting the economy. I am convinced that today there will be a great presence and I say go to the vote, vote and choose the best solution for Romania ”, stated the UDMR candidate.

The leaders of the formation will be at 9:00 pm in Bucharest, where they will wait for the results of the exit polls and will make statements.

UPDATE Theodor Paleologu: I voted for a Romania of respect, respect for work, respect for education, respect for Romanians of all ages, for a Romania of respect for all Romanians.

Photo Mediafax

UPDATE At 10.00 the attendance was 6.83%, which is higher than the first round of the 2014 presidential elections, when there was a 5.65% attendance. On the other hand, the percentage is far from the second round of presidential elections in 2014.

UPDATE The section in Prahova where there was a 20% attendance at the polls in the first hour after the opening of the sections.

At the polling station no. 259, arranged in the Sinaia High School, was registered a presence of over 20 percent at 9.30, well above the county average. It is a record even at national level.

UPDATE At 9.40 am, over a million Romanians had voted in the sections of the country.

UPDATE The presence at the vote in the presidential elections was at 9:00, 3.52%, with 640,431 Romanians voting.

UPDATE Ion Iliescu will vote today, in the presidential elections, with the special mobile ballot box, after applying last night at the Jean Monnet High School in the Capital. Ion Iliescu was admitted several times in 2019 to Elias Hospital, due to heart problems.

UPDATE Klaus Iohannis voted at 9.10 am at the Jean Monnet High School in the Capital. The president said he voted for normal Romania and hopes to receive confirmation that many Romanians want the same thing.


UPDATE The president of the PSD Buzau, Marcel Ciolacu, president of the Chamber of Deputies, voted on Sunday "with the hope of a much better and quieter Romania" and with "the man who has helped Buzau a lot in recent years.

UPDATE USR Sibiu announces that BEC has decided that the PSD branch will delete xenophobic posts in which it accuses Iohannis, Orban and Barna of having foreign names, unlike Viorica Vasilica Dăncilă.

UPDATE At 8.00, the vote in the country was 1.42%, higher than the elections for the European Parliament, on May 26, when at the same time only 1.31% of the voters had voted.

UPDATE was launched, a platform that offers free public data about elections in Romania in real time. Information on voting attendance, incidents reported by Observers and top real time candidates can be found.

UPDATE Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said he clearly voted for a normal Romania, for a developed, strong Romania, respected in the world.

Photos Inquam Photos

UPDATE Viorica Dăncilă voted at the St. Sava High School in the Capital.

"I voted for a Romania of welfare, guaranteed rights, worthy, in which Romanians live without fear of tomorrow," said the leader of the PSD.

Photo Mediafax

UPDATE The Minister of Education, Monica Anisie, urged all Romanians on Sunday to come to the vote and understand that it is "for our benefit" to have a normality in this country.

UPDATE The Minister of Internal Affairs, Marcel Vela, voted on Sunday, saying that out of respect for those who died at the 1989 Revolution, Romanians should vote regardless of their choice.

Photo Mediafax

UPDATE The general mayor of the Capital, Gabriela Firea, voted on Sunday at the polling station in sector 1, saying that she voted with the children of this country, with the thought of a president who will put an end to the austerity measures.

Photo Mediafax

The first candidate to go to the vote is Viorica Dăncilă, the PSD representative in the race for the Cotroceni Palace. Dăncilă will vote at 8.00, at the Saint Sava College in the Capital.

Although he is not a candidate, Prime Minister Ludovic Orban will also vote at the first hour, and he will go to School No. 1 in Dobroieşti, Ilfov County, at 8.00.

The incoming President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, will also vote this morning, at 9.00 am, at the Jean Monnet High School in the Capital.

The candidate of the PMP in the presidential elections, Theodor Paleologu, will vote on Sunday, at 10.00, at the Spiru Haret High School – Italian street no. 17.

The president and the candidate of the USR in the presidential elections, Dan Barna, will vote on Sunday morning, in Sibiu, at 10.00, in the section no. 52 from the kindergarten on Calea Poplăcii in Sibiu.

Mircea Diaconu, the candidate supported by the Electoral Alliance "One Man", will vote on Sunday, November 10, at 5:00 pm, at the polling station in the premises of the Ion Neculce High School, str. Ion Neculce, no. 2, Sector 1.

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