Local attorney investigates federals for rioting in protest


The Attorney General's Office of Mexico City initiated an investigation for the disturbances between federal and capital police officers, which occurred at the demonstration of elements of the Federal Police, on Tuesday, November 12, near the Benito Juárez airport.

The spokesman for the agency, Ulises Lara, said the Public Ministry is already investigating the case for property damage, especially street furniture and theft of a communication radio to a member of the Secretariat of Citizen Security, although he declined to comment on how many police officers Federals would be involved.

“So far we have folders for theft and one that is being integrated by the issue of damage, which corresponds to us and that is what we have integrated. Right now what we have are these, ”added the official of the capital government.

Ulises Lara said that there is "a direct signal to one of them for the issue of theft, is one of the things and the other is being investigated against who is responsible."

He explained that experts from the prosecutor's office carry out various procedures in the place of the events to integrate the investigation folders, among which the analysis of video surveillance cameras in the airport area and interviews with capital police officers that were attacked are highlighted.

When asked about the case of the child who was intoxicated in the corridors of Terminal One of the International Airport of Mexico City due to the inhalation of the gases thrown by federal agents, Lara replied that so far there is no complaint by the family members

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