Madrid registers the first sexual transmission of dengue in Europe


The Ramón y Cajal Hospital in Madrid has diagnosed a young man who had not traveled to risk areas on first case of dengue by sexual transmission registered in Europe, as confirmed by the General Directorate of Public Health of the Community.

At the end of September, the Epidemiological Surveillance Network of the General Directorate of Public Health was notified from Ramón y Cajal two cases of dengue in two men residing in the municipality from Madrid.

Upon notification of the cases, the General Directorate of Public Health initiated an epidemiological investigation whose result determined that it was an imported case -that is, he got the infection in another country- and another native.

Mosquito A. Aegypti.

The first reported case was that of a man who He had not left Spain in the 45 days prior to the onset of symptoms, so it is an indigenous case.

His partner – the other case detected – had presented a very similar picture ten days before and had traveled to Cuba and the Dominican Republic during the incubation period, so it was considered an imported case.

Both cases have been confirmed. by the laboratory of the National Center for Microbiology of the Carlos III Health Institute.

No mosquito vector present

Subsequently, entomological investigations did not detect the presence of the disease vector mosquito neither in the residence nor in any of the places of the Community of Madrid visited by the two men.

The two men they had unprotected sex at the beginning of September, so semen samples that have been positive were studied.

Genetic sequencing has confirmed that the virus strain found in all samples is identical and coincides with the one currently circulating in Cuba, explains the Ministry of Health in a statement released this afternoon.

"A rare route and of low epidemiological relevance"

In the absence of data supporting a possible vector transmission, the sexual route is considered the most likely of contagion, he adds.

The importance of this case is that it is the first described of probable sexual transmission of dengue virus in an area without the presence of vector mosquitoes, and the first in men who have sex with men (MSM).

"In any case, it would be about a rare route and of low epidemiological relevance, so the risk to the population derived from this finding is considered very low, "adds Sanidad.

It is the first case of indigenous sexual transmission in Spain and in Europe. There is only one similar case in the scientific literature in South Korea.

Dengue is a disease caused by a virus that It is usually transmitted through a mosquito bite and that it is endemic in several countries of America, Southeast Asia and Africa.

The clinical picture is characterized by a widespread malaise, high fever, headache and a rash on the face that extends through the neck, chest and extremities.

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