MANCHESTER CITY 3-1 // VIDEO + PHOTO Pep Guardiola, show after defeat with Liverpool! Ironically he greeted the referees + an amazing statement: "We showed why we are the champion"


Manchester City's Pep Guardiola was extremely nervous because of the referees, both during the match and at the end.

In the 82nd minute, after the ball centered by Raheem Sterling was blocked by Trent Alexander-Arnold's hand, the Spanish coach had a nervous reaction on the edge of the field, claiming that it was the second penalty not awarded to "citizens" after the one who preceded the 1-0 goal.

Hi ironic

At the end of the match, Pep went to the three referees and ironically greeted them. "Thank you! Thank you very much, "said the coach.

Pep Guardiola: "I'm proud of my team"

After the match, Guardiola commented on the game and congratulated his players.

"Ask referee Mike Riley and his people if it's a penalty. Go to the door, knock and see what they say. One day it's hen, the other day it's not. Don't ask me.

We showed why we are the champion of England. I'm proud of my team. I played very well at this stadium, against the best teams in Europe. I'm more proud than ever. It was incredible, "said Pep Guardiola.

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