Marisa Jara finds love again after overcoming cancer


Marisa Jara is in love again. The model, which has just passed the most complicated year of her life, in which she has gone through a stomach cancer, has recovered the smile, as shown by the images published by the magazine Week.

At 39, Jara is seen happy, radiant and above all, in love. The person responsible for this state is Raphael, a young man, 33 years old, with whom he has been seen walking around Seville in a very affectionate attitude. Hugs, kisses, caresses, photos … the couple has not ceased to dedicate carantoñas in public, according to the aforementioned publication.

In this way, the model gives, in a way, folder to one of the toughest episodes of his life, after going through the operating room to beat stomach cancer. During this time, the entrepreneur would have been one of the maximum supports from Marisa, with whom she has been dating for approximately six months.

The Andalusian wears several years single, without transcending any kind of love relationship with another man. His last great love was Manuel Vittorio, with whom he married in 2012. Previously, he was also married to Chente Gómez and maintained different sentimental relationships with Joaquín Cortés and Manu Tenorio.

A few weeks ago, specifically last October, the designer shared an interview with the magazine on her Instagram account Ten minutes in which he assured that "I know that when love appears it will be true". Apparently in recent days, his relationship with Rafael marches in an unbeatable way.

Very active in social networks, Marisa Jara does not hesitate to share her day to day with her followers. Authentic and without any complex, the curvy model, as she defines herself, has no qualms about showing the scars from your stomach operation or his sexiest side, as in his latest post.

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