Marius Moga, in the Chefi jury on knives. Gina Pistol: "I thought about hitting you under the belt"


Marius Moga will arrive in the Chefi jury tonight for knives. The edition that will be broadcast today, November 11, starting at 8:00 pm on Antena 1 will be a surprise for viewers. The De Moga team will enter the loaf, and its culinary demands will not be the easiest to achieve. Gina Pistol will launch a challenge for the three chefs, Scărlătescu, Bontea and Dumitrescu in an adventurous edition in the kitchen.

Marius Moga, in the Chefi jury on knives

The 21 competitors chosen by the chefs from Antenna will enter the kitchen for the first time to give everything they can, forming the teams of the new culinary season. "A great season is coming and I thought I'd hit you under the belt with a trap theme!", is the direct warning of Gina Pistol, a sign that it will not be an easy competition.

"Taste a well known team, which has many prizes, Marius Moga's team!", completed Gina Pistol. The chefs will not have many clues for the competitors, and the pressure of the first battle of this season will increase from the first minute when the competitors will put their hands on the ingredients, notes

Chefi a knife, one of the most successful culinary shows in Romania

"I do not know them very well, but we are very interested in how many women and how many men there are! That way I can choose a plate to go eye to eye, hit point! ”, Florin Dumitrescu will confess in today's edition.

The Chefi Knives Show has reached its seventh season and is one of the most watched in Romania. The show from Antenna 1 is presented by Gina Pistol, and the culinary show is in competition with Masterchef, a similar competition, broadcast by PRO TV.

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