Measles outbreak in Ukraine


Warning for Romanians and Moldovans who are in transit or wish to go to Ukraine, according to data provided by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, new outbreaks of measles continue to be registered.

According to the Public Health Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, in the first two weeks of this year there were 1,285 measles cases (856 children and 429 adults). Most cases were reported in Ivano-Frankivsk regions: 275, Cernauti: 274, Transcarpathia: 194 and Odessa: 157, informs

According to the statistical data provided by the Ukrainian authorities, in 2017 there were 4782 measles cases (1292 adults and 3490 children) in 24 regions of Ukraine, most cases being detected in Ivano-Frankivsk region: 1344, Odessa: 1256 and Transcarpathia: 637. Starting with September 2017, the authorized local institutions have started an intensive campaign to vaccinate minors.

The medical recommendation of the specialists for those leaving for Ukraine is to check the measles vaccination situation and to vaccinate the measles vaccine at least two weeks before the trip. Also, it is recommended to avoid meetings and public places where the disease can spread easily.

The worst measles outbreak in Europe is in Romania, where there were more than 10,400 cases.


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