Mircea Badea, at the presidential 2019: I did not vote! I'm a second-class citizen!


Mircea Badea was asked if he had voted, until this hour, for the presidential 2019.

Mircea Badea said that being a second-class citizen has only one day available for voting, not as in the case of people in the diaspora who had three days to go to the polls. He said he had to hurry to express his choice for president.

"I didn't vote. In fact … would he have voted yesterday ?! Um … of course not … because I am a second-tier citizen and only first-tier citizens can vote for three days. Second-class citizens, who pay taxes in Romania, only vote today. I hasten to vote, "said Mircea Badea at Antena 3.

Mircea Badea also said that he hates the voting urges.

Attendance vote at 14.00

The Central Electoral Bureau announces that the attendance to vote, during the first round of the presidential elections, for 14.00 hours, is 25%, compared to the European Parliament elections in May, when the attendance was, at the same time, 23.91%.

According to official data, the attendance at the vote at 14.00 was 25%, meaning a number of 4,555,343 people. Of these, 2,707,473 are from urban areas and 1,847,870 are from rural areas.

Top counties: Ilfov (31.4%), Cluj (29.3%), Brașov (29.3%)

Counties codașa: Satu Mare (18.4%), Covasna (18.5%), Vaslui (19.5%).

In the capital, at 14.00, the attendance at the polls was 26.3%.

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