Mobilization WITHOUT PREVIOUS to the vote in the Diaspora: Several volunteers provide transportation to those who cannot reach the polling stations


The diaspora has set a new record in these elections. Almost half a million people have already voted abroad, by the time this news is transmitted, this being the largest number in history. Most of the Romanians who came to the vote are those from Italy, and the second place is occupied by the United Kingdom.

At this poll, Romanians from outside the borders were mobilized to help those who cannot reach the polling stations. Organized by the "Volunteers in Europe" group, created on Facebook, several people volunteered to provide transportation to those who want to get to the polling stations, such as TIR drivers locked in parking lots or those who fail otherwise. to get to the polls.

According to the guru's administrator, it was created "for all Romanians in EUROPA, to help each other in case of need".

During the three days of voting in the diaspora, lists of people who can provide transportation to sections for Romanians in the United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy have been published on this page. , Holland or Spain.

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