Thursday, December 12, 2019
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Moments of horror in the center of the capital. Images that have shaken the world


Iraqis were repulsed by gunfire and tear gas during a protest in central Baghdad, an area that has become a battlefield. Dozens of people were injured, police forces still being mobilized, even if there is a danger of a "bloodbath", according to Amnesty International.

The protest movement began on October 1, being directed against a leadership that is considered corrupt and incompetent, to date, 319 deaths have been reported, AFP reports. Most politicians have agreed to end protests targeting leaders and the Iranian state, which is considered responsible for the corrupt political class in Iraq.

To restore order, the security forces stopped accessing the internet for a week. In a country where one in four citizens is unemployed and one in five is below the poverty line, protesters say they will maintain blockages and civil disobedience until they receive "their share of oil" in Iraq, which is the second largest producer in Iraq. OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries). The protest movement started with the objective of creating suitable jobs and public services, the aim of the action being now the complete change of the political class. "The bloodbath must end," said Amnesty Internationally, the country's most important leaders claim that they have banned any "reckless" use of force and real ammunition.

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