Moncloa calculates the investiture in mid-December and first Council of Ministers before Christmas


The acting President of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, and the leader of United We Can, Pablo Iglesias, do not want to reveal all the details of a coalition that is already practically closed, both about ministers and program But the plans are so advanced that the calculations are that the investiture session will be in the week of December 16 and the first Council of Ministers will be held before Christmas.

These are the calculations that are made in Moncloa the day after Sánchez and Iglesias will sign an unpublished pact In the current democratic stage, a coalition, made up of leftist parties.

They are about to close the fringes of an agreement that already it is considered "ultra enclosed" but that the two sides would like to keep secret until they are fulfilled legal steps that have to lead to the investiture, which is calculated for the week of December 16 and which, depending on the result of the contacts that began on Wednesday the socialist spokeswoman, Adriana Lastra, with the groups of the Congress it could take place already on December 17, if Sanchez reaches an absolute majority. If not, we would have to wait for a second vote 48 hours later, to be elected by simple majority.

investiture calendar
Investiture Calendar
Carlos Gámez

Moncloa has set the week of December 16, although this could occur even earlier, according to Congress sources. The real limit before which it is impossible is the date that marks the Constitution for the constitution of the Cortes after the elections of 10-N, the December 3. That day also the House of the Lower House will be composed, to whom it will correspond to call the Plenary of Investiture. But for this, we will have to wait until the parliamentary groups are formed and the Board of Spokespersons of them, responsible for ordering the Plenary, also the investiture. This will not happen until the following week, which begins on December 9 and that is when in Moncloa calculate that the king will make the round of consultations with the parliamentary spokesmen before appointing a candidate for investiture, predictably Sánchez.

Council of Ministers on December 20

Sanchez's intention is not disclose the composition of your Government until after being re-elected by Congress, as happened after the motion of censure in June 2018. If events unfold as these calculations predict, the first Council of Ministers could already be Friday, December 20.

investiture calendar

Compared to the attempt of spring summer, this time it is respecting the discretion imposed by the chief negotiator from the PSOE, Sánchez’s chief of staff, Ivan Round. However, it seems difficult to think that the distribution of portfolios or the name of ministers will not be known for more than a month. One day after signing the agreement, some details of the coalition are already known: that Iglesias will be vice president, also the Minister of Economy, Nadia Calviño, and that there will be a third vice-presidency, of a political nature, that could fall to Carmen Calvo or José Luis Ábalos, and everything seems to point out that United We will have three ministerial portfolios.

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