Money links, mysteriously left on the streets of a UK village


Several locals from Durham County had a great day's surprise! Several links with 2,000 pounds each, of unknown origin, were found in several areas of the village of Blackhall Colliery and were subsequently handed over to the police.

This series of mysterious events was made public by the local authorities on the social networks, although initially the information about these new discoveries circulated only in the form of a few rumors that various sums of money had been found.

Until a message was posted to Durham police's Facebook account, it seems that no one knew that an anonymous donor repeatedly left money in public places.

The BBC writes that the village, which has 4,785 inhabitants, according to the 2011 census, is quite poor, mining activities in the area ceased in 1981, and currently the majority of the working population is employed at several call centers in neighboring Hartlepool. and Peterlee.

The anonymous Good Samaritan relapses

The facts have been happening repeatedly since 2014, but the last time the police released information in an attempt to find out who was behind these generous gestures.

Authorities have contacted the local bank and the post office and tried to track down the person who left the money in public spaces after the fingerprints, but without success.

"I even came up with the theory that he could be a lottery winner, who decided to give something back to the community, but the truth is that we don't know yet," said police detective John Forster.

"I hope that by publicizing this we can get some answers," said the manager, adding that he does not think that these actions are associated with illegal activities "because people in this area are very careful with their money."

12 lucky ones could stay with the money found

Twelve people who have so far found such links with money have surrendered to the police. If not claimed, the people who found them can keep them.

According to Agerpres, a bartender at the Hardwick Hotel in the area known as "The Wick" said: "Is he a modern Robin Hood? The crooks do not give their money ”.

A local consumer, who declined to disclose his name, said: "The community is very close here, and if someone finds 2,000 pounds on the street you can come to The Wick and say, everyone can get a beer. . It's the kind of place where if someone had an extra 2,000 pounds everyone would find out. ”

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