Monterrey defeats America 2-1 in friendly match


By Ricardo Blancas Avalos

Houston, USA, Nov. 16 (Notimex) .- The Monterrey soccer club came from behind to win a 2-1 score for America, in a friendly duel played on the court of the Compass stadium in this city.

The goals of the victory were the work of Daniel Parra at minute 15 and the Dutchman Vincent Janssen at 20; the Argentine Emmanuel Aguilera advanced to the azulcremas by way of the prison, to the six.

Beyond that it was a friendly duel, both teams made it clear that they wanted the win and many of the players jumped to the court with the desire to show themselves, to be taken more into account in the MX League.

The capitalists had a better start, which allowed them to open the scoring, after a foul by Argentine José María Basanta on Henry Martin, who was decreed as a penalty.

The one in charge of executing from the eleven steps was the Argentine Emmanuel Aguilera, who defined at minute six, with shot to the left of goalkeeper Luis Cárdenas, who threw himself to the other side.

The advantage did not last long for those of Coapa, who were matched on the scoreboard at minute 15, in a free-kick to the small area, where goalkeeper Oscar Jiménez did not cut, which took Daniel Parra to push it to the bottom of the networks.

And five minutes later, those of the “Sultana del Norte” turned the board around in a leaked ball for the Dutchman Vincent Janssen, who took off Jiménez to push the bottom of the net.

For the complement, Rayados made many changes, which took advantage of his rival to take the ball and press on the rival goal.

Meanwhile, the Regiomontans sought to take advantage of this situation with the long and close space they were able to achieve, but Jiménez became a factor when covering up frank shots of Miguel Layún and the Argentine Rogelio Funes Mori.

The youth of the Americas looked for the tie until the end, but they were not able to generate clear options to avoid this setback, in what was their last duel before facing the league of the 2019 Opening Tournament of the Liga MX.

Paul Aguilar was admonished by America; Argentine Maximiliano Meza saw preventive cardboard by Monterrey.



Monterrey.- Luis Cárdenas (Marcelo Barovero, 46), Edson Gutiérrez, Nicolás Sánchez, José María Basanta, Daniel Parra (Alfonso Alvarado, 65), Celso Ortiz (Miguel Layún, 46), Alfonso González (Jaziel Martínez, 59), Maximiliano Meza, Dorlan Pabón (William Mejía, 46), Ángel Zaldívar (Rogelio Funes Mori, 46) and Vincent Janssen (Lionel Vangioni, 65 / Axel Grijalva, 75). DT Antonio Mohamed (ARG).

America.- Óscar Jiménez, Paul Aguilar, Carlos Vargas, Emmanuel Aguilera (Raúl Beltrán, 79), Jesús López (Haret Ortega, 46), Fernando González, Leobardo López (Jesús Quintero, 83), Paolo Ríos (Lorenzo Palma, 79) , Andrés Ibargüen (César Osuna, 79), Giovani Dos Santos (Israel García, 67) and Henry Martin (José López, 67). DT Miguel Herrera.


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