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* The Mirror Box. Portraits made song, is a multidisciplinary exhibition that combines music, photography and narrative, inspired by ordinary people and their endearing stories

Evangelina del Toro

Mexico, November 17 (Notimex) .— The exhibition La Caja de Espejos. Portraits made song, is the multidisciplinary proposal of the musician Todd Clouser (Minnesota), and the photographer Jesús Cornejo (Mexico), in which they present 15 photographs of ordinary people with a great history, each image is musicalized and related. "I placed the songs under the inspiration of each photograph and its characters. The music is of different genres, some are songs, others are instrumental pieces and some are improvisations. As for the lyrics, I tried to focus on each photo and get the essence of this and the character, "explained group leader A Love Electric, Todd Clouser. In an interview with Notimex, he shared that he composed a piece about the Malecon in Havana, Cuba, under the influence of different images during his stay in different cities of Mexico, which have these types of coastal structures. "I also composed a song inspired by the dead, under the concept that we don't lose the loved one, only his body, but his essence is still here with us. I searched for this project because it gives me a starting point for each song. And focusing on the photos of Jesus, there is a subject, a reason from the beginning. It was an easier process of composition to other projects that I have, "said the American musician, who in his artistic creation has a strong influence of the global migrant movement . Todd Clouser said that this exhibition will connect the senses of the attendees to see the photographs, listen to a song created for each one and read the story behind each portrayed character, it is the first experience he makes in collaboration with the photographer and documentary filmmaker Jesús Cornejo. He said that during the opening of the exhibition on December 11 at the El Rule Cultural Center Gallery, he will offer a concert with the songs of each of the images, thus rescuing the union between song, image and story through the universal language: music.

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