Narwhal, the 'unicorn dog' who was abandoned for having a strange tail on his forehead


A small puppy has gone viral on social networks after making its story known, which has not been precisely easy.

Narwhal, as has been named by the staff of the Mac's Mission Rescue Organization, who were the ones who saved him from a worse life, he has not had anything easy.

As reported Mirror,because of his physique -a stranger malformation causes a tail to grow from its forehead– the little animal was abandoned in the cold.

But nevertheless, the organization rescued the puppy, which also had a leg injury, and began publishing photos and videos of him on his Facebook channel.

Within days, Narwhal was already all a star in social networkswhere did you receive dozens of honey comments.

For their part, veterinarians have examined the malformation of the dog – by which it is nicknamed a unicorn dog – and ensure there is no need to touch it, at least for now, since specialists want to make sure that the queue will not present a problem later. Reason why it has not been put up for adoption, although that is the goal to give it a home.

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