New blow for the European Commission. The UK does NOT send a Commissioner


  • File August 10: How did the information reach Liviu Dragnea, who was at a party in Scroviștea

    The information about what happened during the rally on August 10, 2018 in Victoriei Square and about the intervention of the gendarmes reached the former leader of the PSD through the Undersecretary of State Mihai Valeriu, who was commuting on a motorcycle between Victoria Square and the Ministry of Interior, they told HotNews .ro sources close to the file. They say that Mihai Valeriu kept up to date with everything that happened to the former Secretary of State in the General Secretariat of the Government Adrian Mlădinoiu, Dragnea's former driver. In his turn, he transmitted the information to Dragnea, who was at a party in Scroviștea, the sources said.

  • Teodorovici reacts after the statements of the Minister of Finance: "I am Al Capone as Cîţu is the head of the FBI"

    Former Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici responded Thursday to accusations by Finance Minister Florin Cîţu, saying that he is Al Capone as Finance Minister Florin Cîţu is the FBI chief.

  • Mega scandal at the City Hall! The firm favors Negoita by covering an illegality of 100 million euros. A section of Union Boulevard will pass abusively to Sector 3

    The Bucharest City Hall (PMB) wants to transfer part of the Unirii Boulevard to sector 3, for "development works", according to a project the General Council of the Bucharest Municipality (CGMB).

  • "Oprea's Dining Room" – Episode 2: Influence of Coldea or Predoiu reservists in Kiseleff headquarters

    The black swords from the election campaign come out gradually before the second round – Cozmin Guşă draws attention. After the marathon of questions and answers organized by President Klaus Iohannis, Cozmin Guşă spoke about the political backstage games, but also about who is, in fact, behind the electoral campaigns of the candidates who are fighting for the Romanian presidency.

  • How Elan Schwardenberg got rid of DNA in the Reality Media folder. Elan owed Codruţ Marta with over 7 million euros

    Incredible details and very big question marks regarding the correctness of the investigation comes from the order of the DNA on the classification of the file Realitatea Media, document entered in the possession of

  • Venice, flooded by waves caused by the highest flow of the last 50 years

    Venice was flooded on Tuesday night by the highest flow in the last 50 years, with tourists scrambling down flooded streets to shelter, while strong winds caused waves in San Marco Square.

  • Silviu Prigoană and Adriana Bahmuţeanu have reconciled! The announcement made by the star Antena 1

    The couple Silviu Prigoană and Adriana Bahmuţeanu were one of the most controversial of the local showbiz, they had about 80 criminal trials and complaints. Each year, the two divorced and then reconciled, but the split with number five was final, but the tensions between them still existed.

  • The August 10 violence file could be decriminalized this week

    The file regarding the intervention of the gendarmes in Victoriei Square, on August 10 last year, will be decriminalized this week, maybe Wednesday, the new Interior Minister announced on a radio station.

  • Cozmin Gusa, statement-bomb after PSD exclusion: Coldea's people push the pedal in Kiseleff 10!

    According to Cozmin Gușă Parallel State is the one that presses the pedal in Kiseleff 10, the name that it deconspires being some really heavy ones. He stated, in a statement issued by EvZ, that he helped PSD in the first round of the presidential elections, fighting with all forces to remove Barna from the second round for Cotroceni.

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