"No detention will kill us, we are thousands of people"


Democratic Tsunami He has addressed the acting Interior Minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, to warn him that "no detention he may order" may "end" the Tsunami.

In a interview to the '30 minuts' program of TV3, two representatives of the movement – from behind and with a bent voice – have warned that the Tsunami "are many thousands of people" and have been surprised that the acting Government "has not yet understood."

"The Tsunami will end when two million people in Catalonia have the right that their political proposal can be spoken, discussed and, if the citizens want, applied ", they have argued.

On the other hand, they have also asked other independent organizations not take advantage of the rigor and legitimacy "of Tsunami to make their own "sub-sections" because it can be "a little dangerous" for the development of Tsunami's own. "Let each one pull forward their own actions in their actions," they have remarked.

In addition, they have explained that their calls "have the point put in the world" and seek an external response, at the same time that they have defended that their appeals have goals, a beginning and an end.

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