Out of the old box: Herygers wins in Silvelle: "I went home as a baron" | European Cyclocross Championship


In 1994, Silvelle was the scene for the first time of the Superprestige. Paul Herygers, co-commentator, soon arrived alone. "I think Radomir Simunek was on the podium, but the third …" It was Luca Bramati who won the sprint for third place ahead of Adrie van der Poel. What does Paul remember from the trail?

"It was a typical Italian cross. It was between the watercourses and there was one ditch after another. And there was a small white church in the middle. There is no difference in height, otherwise I might not have won there either. I was waiting for such a turn. "

"I still remember that there was one stream about 2 meters wide. Everyone crawled into it, so to speak, but I jumped over it, with a gliding flight. I then hit hard and landed with my feet on the other side with my bike behind it. "

"Selle Italia was one of my sponsors, so it was great to win there. I was there with a complete team: two mechanics, a caretaker, … My masseur then also tackled Van der Poel. "

"After my victory, like Roland Liboton, I came home by plane. That was quite exceptional for me. I went to Italy with the mobile home, but as a winner I was offered a plane ticket. I then went to Belgium as a baron All riders left immediately, but I stayed there as the only rider at the hotel. The next day they brought me to the airport. An experience. "

"The young cyclocross fans no longer know that, but Silvelle has a tradition in the cross. They have been organizing there since 1979. Many people have forgotten that. I think it's good that they go there again."

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