Pablo Motos states in 'El hormiguero' that "I do not vote for a matter of honesty with myself"


The anthill continued this Tuesday with the music as the protagonist Thanks to your guest, Sergio Dalma.

The singer went to the Antena 3 program to celebrate his 30-year career musical and present his new work with which he commemorates such a round anniversary, Sergio Dalma 30 … and so much.

After the interview, Cristina Pardo entered the set to analyze political news and the results of the elections of November 10.

"They have to learn to coexist the left and right, that each one likes ideas in a particular way and you don't have to agree with someone to be their partner, their friend and even to be their lover, "said Pablo Motos.

The presenter surprised the journalist, the singer, the audience and the audience by commenting that "I do not vote. When I do the electoral programs I do not vote for a matter of honesty with myself".

And he added that "I don't do it because I don't want to interview some candidates and then have to vote for one of them. This is a particular thing. "

And he concluded by pointing out that "if my wife and I were going to vote at the same time, she would vote one thing and I would vote another. And we love each other for 27 years so it can be done. "

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