Pizza parastas 7 years after Iurie Darie's death


About 20 people came to Iurie Darie's grave on Saturday to remember him and be with Anca Pandrea. Even though it's been 7 years since she was single, the actress is still a mountain of pain. He cried throughout the service and, from time to time, caressed the bronze bust of the man he loved. After the job, they all left for the house, where the actress handed out a table that, this time, no longer put Iura's favorite dishes.

"He liked stuffed eggs, marinated fish with onions, olives and potatoes, pork steak, chicken steak, beef salad, whipped beans and, most of all, prawns and plums. I made them every year. This time, I told her I would not do them again, that she was bored by them. One night before, I looked into his eyes, in the photo I talk to, and announced that I ordered Italian pizza, which he liked. Mentally, I felt like he said "yes", "said Anca Pandrea.

Years ago, they wanted to give birth to a little girl

He also put wine, coliseum, juice and fruit on the table. All around, Iurie Darie "looked at you", because Ancca's house is a true altar dedicated to the beloved man. The walls are lined with photographs depicting them in their youth, pictures from movies, drawings and diplomas. A chest of drawers is still filled with the clothes of the late actor. The priest consecrated them yesterday, to be given an apple.

"The hardest thing is to break away from the clothes, which is why I couldn't even open the closet these days. I asked the parent to sanctify them and I will give them … ".

Anca has now revealed the greatest regret she has experienced for decades: “We tried to make children, we did treatments, but we did not succeed. Thus, we wanted to create a little girl. I found at the children's house a beauty of a blond girl, with blue-green eyes, I visited her, I spoke with the director … But her father from Italy appeared who started to make the documents to take her home.

The fact that I didn't have children is my regret. But, at the same time, I am glad that, but we would have, Iura would no longer have the permanent and immense love as the universe for me and myself for him ”.

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Iurie Darie died on the night of November 9 to 10, 2012, after several months of struggling with respiratory and heart problems. He was 83 years old. He had appeared in children's television shows, played memorable roles in over 40 film productions and played in hundreds of theater shows. His son, Ducu Darie, also passed away this year. of

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