PLUS prepares to take over the leadership of the Alliance with USR


USR leader Dan Barna receives another blow after missing the entrance to the second round of the presidential elections.

Mihai Gâdea read an article published by the journalist Dan Tapalagă.

PLUS has prepared three scenarios for the situation in which Dan Barna enters the second round or not, sources from the party told In case the USR / PLUS candidate has lost the competition with Viorica Dăncilă and the PSD candidate has entered the second round, PLUS prepares to start from Sunday evening, immediately after announcing the first estimates, starting at 9.30 pm, a consultation with the party branches.

However, Dacian Cioloș denied the allegation: "I strongly deny the allegations that there would be underground discussions within the PLUS, and whoever declares such things have no other purpose than to sow the mistrust and suspicion between two political forces that have been working for years. days. Indeed, tomorrow we will have telephone conversations with the members of the National Council, in which we will discuss the ways in which we can meet the collaboration between the two political forces by drawing the conclusions of the result to the presidential one. Our goal is not only to go together, but also to strengthen the collaboration between the two political groups in the Alliance. Any other messages are merely intentions to sow suspicion and mistrust between the partners of a political project that is gaining momentum and which most likely worries some. ”

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