Poems that germinate from the paintings



* Francisco Javier Estrada presented a collection of books he wrote inspired by works of painters

By Iván Santiago Marcelo

Mexico, November 12 (Notimex) .— Inspired by the paintings of four Mexican and one American artists, the writer Francisco Javier Estrada (Toluca, 1948) wrote some books of poems in which he expresses what each of these works transmitted to him. to be in front of them. The Mexican poet presented the titles he wrote for plastic artists over 15 years: Rimbaud lights the tree of dreams, for Luis López Loza (Mexico City, 1939); Mocking the word, for Verónica Conzuelo (Toluca, 1977); Landscape in love, for Héctor Cruz (Chimalhuacán, 1932); New York, colored canvas, for Lorraine Pinto (New York, 1933); and Francis Bacon and Báez Bonorat, a poem in the painting, for Daniel Báez Bonorat. "I am a person who has worked in the culture, and being in Europe, for almost five years, visiting museums was almost a must, I protect my love for painting, when I see them, ideas come to me, and here I put them", the writer said referring to the titles he presented at the Café-Bar "Las Hormigas" of the House of the Poet. For Estrada, each poem he writes is unique and not a copy of the past; "I am clear about the difference between the artists and, therefore, what they express in their works is completely particular. It is complex to do this work because when you write a lot you tend to repeat yourself, the merit here is that they are voices and multiple themes; there are five painters and each one of them I felt and looked differently, "said the winner of the Cultural and Literary Merit José María Heredía y Heredía 2018. For the Mexican writer – who acknowledges being happy with his poetic career throughout 30 years—, rescues the importance of feeling passion and love for poetry, since they are feelings that may well be experienced and lived in those who read novels, stories or are closer to the theater. "Unlike the other proposals, poetry It has the enormous lesson of "from the richness of language", to give you deep and diverse images of how to see life. For me, poetry is thinking of Jorge Luis Borges, Pablo Neruda, Octavio Paz, Jaime Sabines, they recreate you permanently life, the world, love and is a language of truth ”, shared Estrada who has also been director of Cultural Services of the State of Mexico.

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