Police avoid the suicide of a man of Chinese nationality who hung himself from the window after arguing with his wife


The National Police has managed to prevent a 25-year-old man of Chinese nationality throw yourself out the window of your home after having a strong discussion with his wife, police sources have confirmed to Europa Press.

Thus, the events occurred on Monday in Amistad Street, Carabanchel district, when the man had scratches on the neck and face In addition, a bruise on the face, as the newspaper has advanced The reason.

The couple had a one-year-old baby, that was present in the house at the time of the events, and a neighbor had to act as a translator with those involved to know what was happening.

In this way, the agents arrested the woman for ill-treatment in the family, as well as for resistance and disobedience to the authority. Behind this, the man hung on the window and he was suspended and, although the agents were able to save him, he was arrested for an attack on the authority for kicking one of the policemen.

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