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Even with the electoral hangover giving me the occasional headache, I would like to share with you a tweet from Rosalia that has raised a real dust of diverse opinions through social networks. "Fuck Vox"read the text that the artist published on Monday morning. A statement of clear intentions that left no room for doubt and that positioned Rosalia unequivocally against the more visceral right from our country.The majority celebrated his sincerity and some reproached him for his attitude, even referring to the more than 3 million Spaniards who voted for Vox. The most incisive commented that his label could be in a very bad mood as a result of his tweet thinking that for him doors are closingI thank Rosalia for her positioning, and not because she supports – or quite the opposite – a specific political party, but because I think that an artist, just as she should be true to your feelings and to the sound of his artistic expressions above fashion and sales, he must also have a social commitment to his followers. Because a reference for many young people has to let yourself be known and speak out against what you believe is unfair or against its principles. Honestly, whoever the artist or celebrity is who supports a certain party, be called Bertin, Norma, Sabina, Rayden or Rosalia… I am totally convinced that for them, as well as for their followers, it is beneficial to know a little more, know what foot limping and feel closer to his thoughts. Do you really think that in 2019 someone would stop listening to the great music of a genius because he shows his convictions without a fault? Enough of closets! Long live freedom!

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