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The Rutte 3 Cabinet started its task in the first two months after the summer recess and the effects can now also be seen in the polls by Maurice de Hond (Peil.nl). The results of the polls show small electoral shifts: the VVD and CDA coalition parties are losing seats. As a result, the Forum for Democracy and the PVV rise in the political barometer.

Polls from November 10, 2019

Source: Maurice de Hond / Peil.nl
Source: Maurice de Hond / Peil.nl

The bumbling within the cabinet went unnoticed for some time, but after a few weeks nobody can get around it. VVD and CDA lose seats as a result. The precise reason? We do not know this fully, but count on the following terms to be relevant to the loss of seats from VVD and CDA: "civilian deaths", "nitrogen crisis" and "pensions". However, the loss of the two major parties is still limited.

The VVD is still at the top of the ranking and is the largest party with 26 seats. If elections were to be organized now, the VVD could once again initiate coalition talks. However, the search for majorities is becoming increasingly difficult now that the current coalition is losing seats again. The PvdA is large enough in the polls to fill the gap in the coalition. But if VVD and CDA lose another four seats together, then that option is off the table and Rutte has to look for at least two more parties.

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