Pope Francis denounces that the Jews are persecuted again: "This is neither human nor Christian"


Pope Francis denounced today that he is currently returning to persecute the Jews and that "this is neither human nor Christian", in his catechesis during the hearing held in St. Peter's Square. He made this complaint during his reflection on Paul's story, received by a family of Corinthians who were forced to leave Rome due to the expulsion of the local Jewish community decided by Emperor Claudius.

"The Jewish people have suffered so much in history. They have been expelled and persecuted. In the last century we have seen so many brutalities that have been committed against them. We were convinced that this was over, but now the custom of persecuting the Jews is reborn here and there, " said. He added: "This is not human, nor Christian. The Jews are our brothers and should not be persecuted. Understood?"

This reflection came after this week in Italy I had to escort Senator Liliana Segre, a survivor of the Nazi death camp in Auschwitz, to attend public events as a precautionary measure after the hundreds of daily hate messages he receives on social networks.

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