Presidential Elections 2019. Exemplary mobilization in the diaspora. The first results appeared


Polling stations opened abroad

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs organizes 835 polling stations abroad at the 2019 presidential elections.

At the 2019 European Parliament elections, the number of sections abroad was 441, in many countries registering crowds at the polling stations.

In the countries of the European Union there are 639 polling stations, according to the source cited.

  • Voting in the European Union

Most polling stations for Romanians were located in Spain (143) and Italy (142).

Romanians from the capital of Spain, Madrid, can vote in nine sections arranged for presidential elections, within the Embassy, ​​Consulate and Romanian Cultural Institute. In the rest of the cities, polling stations were located in schools, cultural centers or hotels.

In the Italy, five polling stations were located in Rome and Turin, three in Milan and two in Padua, Bari, Catania and Verona. In another 121 cities where Romanians live, a single polling station is located.

In the GermanyAEP has announced that 79 polling stations are located, of which six in Munich and Nuremberg, four in Stuttgart, three in Berlin and two in Bonn, Ulm, Karlsruhe and Offenbach am Main.

Romanians from United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland they can vote in 72 sections, of which 18 are in London and two in Luton, Bristol, Swindon, Plymouth, Manchester, Leeds, Northampton, Birmingham, Coventry, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

In the France there are 50 polling stations for Romanians, five of them being in Paris and three in Marseille.

Romanians from Republic of Moldova they can vote in 37 sections, of which 12 will be in Chisinau.

Romanians from United States they can vote in 38 sections located throughout the country. Three sections are located in Chicago, two in New York and one in the Romanian Embassy in Washington.

In the Canada 11 polling stations are located, two of them in Toronto and Montreal and one at the Romanian Embassy in Ottawa.

Also in South America polling stations are located in seven countries: Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay.

The polling stations announced by the AEP are located in embassies, consulates, schools, hotels, cultural and business centers, theaters or chambers of commerce. Also, the Romanians from Afghanistan they can vote in the NATO military base in Kabul.

It is organized, for the first time, a polling station and in mali, to allow the Romanian military participating in the missions within the UN Integrated Multidimensional Operation of Stabilization in the Republic of Mali to exercise their right to vote.

The map of all polling stations abroad can be consulted here.

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