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Event Timeline – LIVE UPDATE:

UPDATE at 22.54 Criminal file for opening a ballot box before the end of the poll, in Vaslui

Vaslui police opened a criminal case following two incidents at the Vaslui polling station 56: the ballot box was opened before the end of the vote, and the mobile ballot box was taken to the voters who requested it without asking for support. MIA representatives.

The incidents took place in the 56th section of Vaslui, opened at the "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" secondary school.

According to judicial sources, the mobile urn was sent during the Sunday morning to those who applied, but the presence of the representatives of the Ministry of Interior was not requested. Another incident occurred around noon, when the ballot box in section 56 was opened, and then resealed.

Cited sources claim that the committee members were motivated by the opening of the ballot box because they had the suspicion that one of the voters, by mistake, introduced a list of voters together with the ballot.

The police officers opened a criminal case for opening the ballot box before the appointed time for closing the ballot and entrusting the special ballot box to persons other than the members of the polling station's election office or transporting it by other persons or under conditions other than those provided by law.

At the polling station 56 from Vaslui 1,788 people are registered on the permanent lists, of which only 432 have expressed their electoral option. Another 14 people voted on additional lists and two with the mobile ballot box.

UPDATE at 21.14 Constanta: Criminal file for a woman who tried to photograph her ballot

Constanta police opened a criminal case on Sunday after a 47-year-old woman from Medgidia tried to photograph her ballot. She said she wanted to have a memory since the presidential election.

Police say the woman tried to photograph her ballot in the presidential election. The people of the law have opened on behalf of the 47-year-old woman from Medgidia a criminal case for violating the confidentiality of the vote, according to article 389 of the Criminal Code.

According to sources, the woman said she wanted to have a reminder of the vote in the presidential election.

There are 556 polling stations in Constanta, where 623,193 people are expected.

UPDATE at 20.44 A woman from Dolj was attacked near a polling station by the local PNL leader

A 44-year-old woman was assaulted by a man near the polling station in Coşoveni, Dolj County. Police officers began investigations into the hit or other violence. According to sources in the investigation, the man is the president of the local branch of PNL.

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UPDATE 19.52 Sibiu: One man voted, although he had renounced his citizenship, and another voted with a bulletin drawn on xerox

A man who voted on the supplementary lists at a branch in Sibiu has a criminal case, after the policemen established that he had renounced his citizenship and no longer had the right to vote. Another was fined for allowing a person to vote with a xeroxed and plasticized identity card.

According to the Sibiu Police, there have been 14 notifications regarding electoral events in Sibiu, of which five were confirmed. Among the irregularities found is the case of a man from Sibiu who voted on the supplementary lists, although he no longer had this right, he renouncing the Romanian citizenship.

"At a polling station in the city of Sibiu, a person appeared who, although he lived in Sibiu, was not on the permanent list, voting on the additional lists. Following the checks, it turned out that this person lost his citizenship and did not have the right to vote. Further investigations are being carried out regarding the crime of voting fraud, ”said Luciana Lazar, spokesman for the Sibiu Police.

One person was fined 4,500 lei for allowing a voter to vote with an improper document.

This is a member of a committee in Avrig, which, according to sources, allowed a voter to exercise their right to vote using a xeroxed and plasticized identity card.

Sibiu police are also investigating the case of a woman who noticed that she was not allowed to vote at a section of Selimbăr commune.

Also, a man is criminally investigated after voting in another county and tried to vote again in a section of Păuca, Sibiu county, and a man in Săcădate was fined 500 lei for abusive appeal, after complained that a citizen, in a state of intoxication, is not allowed to vote.

UPDATE 7.45 pm Voting ballot in Vaslui, unsealed after a voter accidentally entered the electoral list

The ballot box from a Vaslui section was unsealed after a voter mistakenly entered the electoral list at the same time as the ballot, the MIA representatives send. At another station, investigations are conducted after its members went to the ballot box without being accompanied by MIA staff.

In Vaslui County, investigations are carried out after members of a polling station moved with the mobile ballot box, without being accompanied by representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, informs Monica Dajbog, spokesman for the Ministry of Interior.

According to the quoted source, at another polling station in Vaslui county, the ballot box was unsealed after a voter accidentally entered the electoral list with the ballot.

UPDATE 7.35pm MAY announce that there have been 146 notifications regarding possible electoral incidents. The amount of the total fines applied

To date, more than 140 notifications have been registered regarding possible electoral offenses, over 70 of them not being confirmed as a result of the checks. According to the representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 23 contraventions were found, with fines of over 12,000 lei being applied.

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UPDATE now 19.08 Incidents at the vote with the Melencu family. Luiza's grandfather, about the cops: They are Dincă's accomplices

Incidents at the polling station in Radomir, Dolj County, where the family members of Luiza Melencu, one of the young people allegedly abducted and killed by Gheorghe Dincă, voted on Sunday afternoon.

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UPDATE 18.04 An 80-year-old man was hurt in voting in Prahova

An 80-year-old man was hurt in voting, in a section of Măgurele commune, Prahova County. The County Ambulance Service intervened and took him to the hospital.

According to representatives of the Prahova County Ambulance Service, the doctors were called to the polling station 467 in Măgurele, where an 80-year-old voter was injured.

The old man had difficulty breathing.

He was taken to Văleni Hospital.

UPDATE at 17.57 A man from Vrancea was sanctioned after he called 112 and announced that he would not be allowed to vote

A man has been sanctioned by police warnings for calling on Sunday, emergency number 112, where he announced that he was not allowed to vote. Investigators determined that he intended to vote at a section other than the one he was barred from.

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UPDATE at 17.47 The bizarre reason why the operator from a polling station in Cluj was called to the BEJ

An operator from a polling station in Cluj-Napoca was claimed to have the neckline too deep. Another complaint concerns a section where most members wanted to listen to music.

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UPDATE at 17.36 A man from Teleorman was caught while taking elderly people to the polls with a personal car

A man from Teleorman County was filmed on the day of the vote, taking elders to the polling station by personal car. Immediately after getting out of the car, he reminded the pensioners he was transporting: "Do you know what it is", then became aggressive with the person who filmed everything.

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UPDATE 17.02 Beginner mistakes. USR deputy, the second politician to take pictures in the voting booth and post on Facebook

A USR deputy from Bistriţa-Năsăud posted his ballot and posted the photo on Facebook. The complaint is analyzed by the Bistriţa-Năsăud County Electoral Office. A similar case was in Giurgiu, where former minister Toma Petcu was warned with a warning.

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UPDATE 16.04 Timiş: Investigation after a voting commission representative posted on Facebook photos of electoral lists

The police in Timiş started an investigation after they were notified that the representative of a polling station in the town of Şag posted on Facebook pictures with electoral lists.

Timiş's spokesman, Alexandra Petrovici, told the MEDIAFAX correspondent that, according to the notification, a photo of the electoral rolls from a polling station appeared on Facebook.

“IPJ Timiş was notified about the fact that a person had posted on a social network a partial copy of the electoral lists. Notifications are made in this case, "Petrovici said.

Local sources said the checks were carried out after a woman from a polling station in the town of Şag, a member of a party, posted a photo of the respective lists on Facebook.

This risks a contravention sanction between 1,000 and 2,500 lei.

Meanwhile, the woman, a PNL member, deleted the photo.

UPDATE at 16.01 The names of some candidates, written in the voting booth. The president of the section suspended the voting process

The vote was suspended in Botosani, for ten minutes, after the president of a section announced that inside two booths he had found the names of candidates for presidential candidates, Monica Dajbog, MIA representative, informed.

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UPDATE at 15.52 A mayor from Constanţa was photographed when he gives money to a section president. The police are checking

Checks began in Constanta after a mayor was photographed while giving money to the president of a polling station.

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UPDATE at 12.10 Delayed vote in Salaj, after a check stamp was destroyed. A polling station in Salaj opened with a delay of one and a half hours, after a control stamp was destroyed.

According to the Sălaj Prefecture, the County Electoral Bureau (BEJ) Sălaj was informed, at 6.30 am, by the president of the polling station 263 in Noţig, that the control stamp of the section was accidentally destroyed.

UPDATE at 12.00 At the national level, there have been 17 notifications of possible electoral incidents, most regarding the lack of stamps or the advice of the voters with which candidate to vote, announces Monica Dajbog, MAI representative. 5 notifications are not confirmed, others are being verified.

17 reports of electoral incidents. Most: the lack of stamps or the advice of the voters

"From the opening of the polling stations until this time, 17 notifications of possible electoral incidents have been registered at the national level related to the conduct of elections. So far, no serious situations have been registered that would affect the public order or the unfolding of the electoral process, ”stated Monica Dajbog, the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

So far, five complaints have not been confirmed. A single fine was imposed, in Olt County, worth 500 lei for abusive appeal of the unique number of emergencies 112.

The rest of the notifications are being verified.

"In general, the notices were about the lack of stamps or the advice of the voters at the branch office with which candidate to vote and the continuation of the electoral propaganda," Monica Dajbog added.

The advice of the voters at the polling stations headquarters to vote or not to vote for a certain candidate is punished with a fine between 1,500 and 4,500 lei. With the same fine, the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages is punished until 21:00 in the protection area of ​​the polling station 21.00.

Offering or giving money, goods or other benefits in order to determine the voter to vote or not to vote a certain candidate is punished with imprisonment from 6 months to 3 years and the prohibition of the exercise of certain rights.

People who vote twice or more times, vote without this right, enter more ballot papers than they have in the ballot box, use a false or null identity card or fake ballot risk a prison sentence. 6 months to 3 years or a fine and prohibition on the exercise of certain rights.

UPDATE at 11.45 MAY announce incidents in polling stations in the country: Ambulance required for more people

Several medical cases were registered in the polling stations, one being in Vrancea county, where the vote was temporarily suspended because the president of a section was harmed. In Vaslui the ambulance was called for the deputy president and a member of the same section.

"I mention that more medical cases have been registered. For example, in Vaslui an ambulance was requested for the deputy chairman of a polling station and another member of the same polling station. A woman from Ilfov was transported to the hospital after being injured in the polling station ”, announced Monica Dajbog, the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The source also stated that, in Vrancea, at a polling station, the vote was temporarily suspended due to the health of the president of the section.

Currently he is provided with medical care.

UPDATE now 08.30 Dajbog, MAI representative: At 7 o'clock, the voting process began without any special incidents

Monica Dajbog, the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that the vote started at 7 am with no special incidents, with over 30,000 employees being mobilized for the vote to take place normally. Over 500 young people turned 18 on Sunday and can vote for the first time.

"At 7 o'clock, the voting process began without any special incidents," Monica Dajbog, the spokesman of the MIA, announced.

In the presidential elections, citizens aged 18 can vote. 534 young people turned 18 on Sunday and can vote for the first time. 627 persons in the detention and preventive detention centers of the Romanian Police have made requests to vote on Sunday, the source said.

The weak or the mentally ill are not allowed to vote, nor are the persons convicted by a final court decision on the loss of electoral rights.

37,000 MIA staff are mobilized to ensure that the electoral process is conducted under normal conditions.

“13,800 policemen, gendarmes, border guards, firefighters and workers from other operative structures of the ministry ensure public order at national level, and 3,600 specialists have the task of solving the notifications regarding possible electoral incidents. Another 20,000 employees of the Ministry of Defense provide protection and protection of the 18,748 polling stations throughout the country, ”Monica Dajbog said.

Also, the minister Ion Marcel Vela asked all the employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to have the Sunday activities marked by "maximum rigor and equidistance".

About 20,000 policemen, gendarmes, border guards, firefighters and workers from other operating structures provide protection and protection of 18,748 polling stations across the country on Sunday.

"The public order at national level will be provided by more than 13,800 employees of the ministry, and another 3,600 specialists will be prepared to verify and solve promptly the notifications regarding possible electoral incidents. with the main legal provisions applicable to the electoral process, a guide that has been transmitted in advance to all the structures.e, "MIA spokesman Monica Dajbog told a news conference on Friday.

In this electoral process it is used Computer system monitoring of voting presence and preventing illegal voting.

"In order to support the citizens who want to vote but do not have valid identity documents, the Directorate for the Evidence of Persons and the Administration of Databases has recommended the county services and the Direction of Bucharest to work with the public and on Saturdays and Sundays, as follows: from 8.00 to 16.00 on November 9 and from 7.00 to 21.00 on November 10 ", added the spokeswoman.

Where electoral incidents and irregularities can be detected

The unique emergency telephone number 112 can be used by anyone to report possible electoral incidents. Also the platform contains a form by which any citizen can report irregularities on the day of the vote.

What is forbidden in elections

In each section there should be no more voters than the number of booths, therefore the members bThe iron will ask you to wait if it is crowded.

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