Presidential Elections 2019: Partial results after 99.1% of votes: Europa FM


AEP announced the data after counting 99.1% of the votes, by centralizing 18,667 polling stations and 8,610,226 votes. Klaus Iohannis obtained 36.6%, Viorica Dăncilă – 23.8% and Dan Barna – 13.9%.

If upon the announcement of the first exit-poll data Dan Barna he was confident in his chances of going to Round 2 with the current president, Klaus Iohannis, recently acknowledging that the distance between him and Viorica Dăncilă can no longer be recovered with the help of votes from the diaspora.

The international press writes that a second round with clear options on the part of the Romanian voters is already taking shape.

"The polls conducted at the polls exit in Romania show that the incumbent president, Klaus Iohannis, will probably meet in the second round with the social-democratic leader Viorica Dancila ”, reports Deutsche Welle.

"Johannis on the first place in the first round of the presidential election in Romania ”, headlines the news agency Reuters.

„Romania: the incumbent president, the pro-European Johannis, in the first place, with a large advance, in the first round of the presidential election ”, notes the news agency Belga and the post RTBF.

"Presidential elections in Romania: Klaus Iohannis ranks in front Vioricăi Dăncilă", According to exit polls", the Italian daily headlines The Republic.

"The President in office, Klaus Iohannis, will meet in the second round of the presidential election with the former prime minister Viorica Dănicila, ”reports the Italian language edition of the post Euronews.

"Klaus Iohannis it has a clear advance, "the German publication states Süddeutsche Zeitung.

How the Romanians voted in the 2019 presidential elections (99.1% of the votes):

Yellow – PNL / Red – PSD / Green – UDMR

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