Presidential Elections 2019. Polled after a former minister posted a picture with the vote


Investigation opened by Giurgiu Police on behalf of former Energy Minister Toma Petcu. The politician, currently a deputy, posted on his Facebook page the stamped ballot, which is prohibited by the Criminal Code.

Deputy Toma Petcu voted Sunday morning and posted a photo with the ballot on his personal Facebook account. In the picture it was possible to see very clearly who voted, because the politician photographed exactly the square on which he stamped.

According to the Penal Code, the posting of such photographs is "violation by any means to the secret of the vote", and this fact is punished with a criminal fine, between 600 and 90,000 lei.

The deputy's post was deleted after a few minutes. But the police have been notified about this posting and have opened a criminal investigation.

But the deputy Toma Petcu is not the only one who photographed the ballot, until this hour there are registered 3 other similar cases, in which the police opened criminal investigations.

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