Presidential elections. Romanians in the UK, EXAMPLES mobilization to vote. The most ACTIVE in the Diaspora


The United Kingdom is the country where the Diaspora gives the second largest number of voters, according to official figures so far. According to the number of polling stations, however, Romanians in the United Kingdom are the most active so far.

Romanians in the United Kingdom were more active than those in much older Romani communities in the Diaspora, such as Spain. Only Italy has beaten the United Kingdom, but in Italy there are 142 polling stations, double compared to the United Kingdom.

So, in the UK, where 72 sections were organized, about 68,000 Romanians voted.

Most voters in the diaspora were in Italy, over 84,000. There were 142 polling stations.

In Germany, over 63,000 Romanians voted in 80 polling stations, and in Spain, where there are most polling stations outside the country, 143, almost 57,000 Romanians voted.

For the first time, this year, Romanians from abroad have three days to elect the President of Romania to the polls, in 835 polling stations. Friday could be voted between local time 12.00 and local time 21.00, and Saturday and Sunday between local time 7.00 and local time 21.00. Voters who at 21.00 are at the polling station headquarters, as well as those who are outside the polling station headquarters to enter the polling place, may exercise their voting rights until 23.59 local time. .

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