Prevent flooding by rains in Tijuana


By Oscar Vallejo. Correspondent.

The Municipal Civil Protection Directorate informed that the first storm of the winter season is expected from this Tuesday, November 19, in this border city, so they alerted the population to take their precautions, as there could be floods.

The agency explained that a low pressure system will enter the region causing a gradual decrease in temperature.

For Tuesday the probability of rain is 20 percent, while for Wednesday and Thursday it is 70, said the head of the agency, José Luis Rosas Blanco.

According to the forecast, the most intense rainfall is expected between Wednesday night and Thursday morning, so it is recommended that the population take precautions.

It is expected that they can fall between 12 and 20 millimeters of rain, which would cause waterlogging, as well as mud accumulation and debris drag.

Rosas Blanco commented that they will redouble surveillance and prevention in the face of the rainy season, so in the past weeks they have already made reconnaissance visits in various areas of the city.

He indicated that they have placed more than 100 yellow gummed houses that are in a risk zone, and 30 red gummed houses that are in danger of being in areas of streams or hillsides.

According to the general forecast, this winter season will be typical even with an average of slightly warmer temperatures than in past winters.

Civil Protection invites the population to take proper precautions in their homes by checking foundations, walls and walls, as these can be weakened with moisture.

Likewise, it is requested to avoid driving through flooded areas or crossing streams and streams on foot or by car.

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