PSD, parallel count. Mihai Fifor, the statements of the series. Message to Iohannis


Mihai Fifor made the first statements after the exit polls for the first round of the presidential election in Romania.

Asked if there are any chances for Dan Barna to enter the second round after the results of the Diaspora, Mihai Fifor replied: “Our opinion is that no, but we are very careful about the counting of the vote. It's a long night. We have a parallel count and we will know exactly what comes from each county, polling station. ”

"My opinion is that we are already in the second round. I do not think that this result can be returned. We do not have a parallel count in the Diaspora, but we also talk to our representatives, colleagues from PSD organizations in the Diaspora and we have a pulse of what happened today, ”added Mihai Fifor.

"For months, we are preparing for the second round. We hope that Iohannis will emerge from the shell and come before the Romanians ”, said Mihai Fifor, on Sunday evening, in the Antena 3 plateau.

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