racist episode against isak during the match romania sweden that forced to for the match


Alexander IsakSweden striker received racist insults from the local fans during the dispute over the Romania-Sweden, belonging to the qualification phase for the Euro2020. For this reason, the referee of the match was about to suspend him.

The Real Sociedad attacker entered the game in the 78th minute, replacing Berg, at which time he began to receive racist chants from the rival fans. The referee of the match, Daniele Orsato, who had previously stopped the match due to the use of pyrotechnic elements, had to stop it again and the public address warned that if they continued with the offenses, the match would be suspended.

In spite of the bad drink suffered, the Swedish national team celebrated the victory achieved before their rivals by 0-2, thanks to the goals achieved by Berg Y Quaison The three points achieved allow him to remain as second classified in the group of Spain.

These racist attacks have not been an isolated case in the selection periods, since during the Bulgaria-England Last month they occurred. This case resulted in several detainees and resignations within the Bulgarian football organization.

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