Radio Education begins celebration for its 95 years


* Present commemorative ticket of the National Lottery

By Iván Santiago Marcelo

Mexico, November 14 (Notimex) .— With the unveiling of the National Lottery commemorative ticket, Radio Educación began this Thursday with activities to celebrate 95 years of existence, after November 30, 1924 launched its signal with the acronym CYE (Culture and Education). "We are happy for this anniversary which, in turn, is an austere, but significant tribute, to those who have built this huge institution that operates several frequencies and through its programs has a national and international presence," said Gabriel Sosa Plata, general director of the broadcaster. He added that the station considered the first educational and cultural in Mexico, produces more than 5,000 original content a year, in addition to sharing 10,000 content to public and community broadcasters in the country, "thus fulfilling the objective of Secretary Alejandra Frausto to decentralize more and more the culture: we already did it, but we will continue doing it with more determination ”. “If José Vasconcelos, María Luisa Ross, Agustín Yañez, María del Carmen Millán and other great forgers of this public radio lived, they would be just as excited as we are because part of their legacies and their work is present in words, music, sounds and even the silences produced here and that frequencies carry across the country, ”he said. Sosa Plata commented that Radio Educación is the emblematic public, educational and cultural medium of Mexico, which since its origins has been an example of plurality and diversity even though – since always – in the hands of the federal government, “here, with few exceptions, very few , freedom of expression has prevailed, thanks to the vocation of public service of those who are part of this community. ” The station created on November 30, 1924 at the initiative of José Vasconcelos – then Secretary of Public Education -, with the purpose of harnessing the potential of the radio for the benefit of the educational and cultural tasks of the country, will celebrate this anniversary with music, forums analysis of public radio, special programs, projections, among many other activities that can be found on the page

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