Rejection of a viral video in which a jealous boyfriend kicks his girlfriend for doing 'twerking'


It has gone viral because of the repulsive fact it shows. We talked about a video in which an energetic tip a woman's kick in the face who danced on the stage of a disco in Brazil.

A young woman who has not been identified went up to dance on stage animated by the artist At that time, a singer named O Poeta was performing at the Clube VIP store in Pojuca in the Brazilian state of Bahia.

In the videos, because many people were recording with their cell phone at that time, you can see the young woman dancing twerking when Suddenly a man emerges from the multitude and kicks the girl in the face. The young woman falls back violently, but seemingly unharmed and looking incredulous, she looks at her aggressor.

According to the director of the disco is the boyfriend of the girl. At the end of the video you can see how the aggressor, who tries to run away right after, is stopped by the security guards of the premises.

As reported Daily Mail, the artist O Poeta rejected this act in his social networks. "If you're sexist, cowardly, prejudiced and can't accept seeing a woman dancing on stage, don't follow me on Instagram or any other social network, don't come to the O Poeta shows! "he claimed.

"Even better, don't leave your home, society and women don't deserve to live with people like that, you don't deserve to be a fan of O Poeta, "the artist insisted.

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