'Research team' reveals the keys to this phenomenon


The new delivery of Research team (The sixth), entitled 'The steam business', this Friday focused on the phenomenon of electronic cigarettes: in the United States it is proposed to ban its use, but in the United Kingdom it is massively recommended. In Spain, about one million people They consume it.

Electronic cigarettes do not stain, do not smell bad and charge in 30 minutes. In our country there are almost 600 establishments that sell them and their turnover exceeds 88 million euros a year. But, although the entrepreneurs of the sector extol them, doctors do not recommend them to quit smoking.

Neither does the National Committee for Smoking Prevention. Its president, Andrés Zamorano, explained it to the program: "It cannot be considered as a way to quit smoking." He also added that the "Liquid nicotine devices are neither safe nor effective."

The reporters also met with a professor of Medicine from the University of Zaragoza, Rodrigo Córdoba: "We have a serious suspicion that the passive vaper can be harmed if he is exposed to the vapors of this cigarette. He may have problems such as increased cancer risk, cardiovascular problems or respiratory diseases, "he warned.

The teacher considered that "there is an interest in promoting the electronic cigarette ":" They find very little toxic product in the steam, but it is a study commissioned by an interested party, which makes it difficult to take into consideration a job that has so many conflicts behind it. Therefore, some of the authors could be described more than scientists, as lobbyists. "

In the monograph, reporters also traveled to England, where the Government itself promotes vaping. There they spoke with the director of the Sandwell General Hospital, David Carruthers, who told them that in this center, where a pioneering project is developed internationally, smoking is allowedelectronic cigarettes.

On the other hand, they looked at the United States, where they think about banning its use, as there is evidence of illness and death. In this way, they talked with Glynis Miller, who lived the death of her husband because of a "lung disease": "They looked at her lungs and what they found was oil ", revealed the team of Gloria Serra.

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