Result of presidential vote 2019, official. AEP official data


Presidential elections 2019. Photo: Agerpres

Result of presidential vote 2019 The votes were counted in 18,744 polling stations in Romania.

Result of presidential vote 2019 According to the counted and counted votes on the AEP website,, the candidates for the presidential elections obtained the following votes in the first round of the 2019 presidential elections:

Klaus Iohannis: 3131591

Viorica Dăncilă: 2033106

Dan Barna: 1195475

Mircea Deacon: 790.685

Theodor Paleologist: 483.870

Honors Kelemen: 353.597

Ramona Ioana Bruynseels: 232.735

Alexandru Cumpănașu: 125.016

Viorel Buckle: 46.587

Bogdan Stanoevici: 36.395

Catalin Ivan: 31.490

Ninel Peia: 28.459

Sebastian Popescu: 28,225

John Ion Banu: 25.802

The votes from four polling stations in the country, as well as those from the diaspora, are to be counted.

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