ROMANIA – SWEDEN, FRIDAY 21:45, PRO TV | "Do I look like him?" Ianis Hagi's reaction after Budescu said they were identical: "I can play there and not just number 10!"


Ianis Hagi arrived in Romania for the decisive matches with Sweden and Spain.

Gica Hagi's son comes after a time when he didn't take nearly any minutes in Genk's shirt. In the last 5 matches, Ianis only caught 27 minutes of play from two games. In the rest of 3 not even a minute came. The Romanian midfielder explained that he did not understand why the coach left him in the last period and confessed that he hopes that after the national matches the situation will change.

Ianis has declared himself ready for the decisive parties and Spain is not expected to "let it softer" in the match against Contra.

Hagi Jr. is expecting a big day atmosphere on the National Arena and is pleased that the supporters will be alongside the national team.

The midfielder did not want to comment on the information about his change of coach at Genk.

Ianis also spoke about Budescu's summons and did not agree with what the Astra player said. Budescu said that Ianis Hagi looks like a player profile, but the young player replied that he looks similar to the position occupied on the field, but considers that they have different playing styles.

"We are at the moment of the truth and we hope to qualify. That matters the most. It doesn't matter how we play, it matters to accumulate points. We come in, we try to do our best.

The public is a great advantage, it has felt since I had 30,000 children, now with 50,000, maybe 55,000, it will be extraordinary, beautiful.

(n.r. Budescu: "Ianis Hagi is closest to me as a profile")

I can play in the band, not only as number 10, I played there. To resemble him? We play in the same position, but I think we are a little different as a style of play. But we have the same role on the ground, I think he was referring to that. We are both trying to make a difference, because everyone knows what to do on the field.

Of course I'm glad he is at the national level, the more creative players we have in front of us, the more chances we have to score more goals.

I do not know how the Spaniards will approach. Ask them! I am Spanish? I'm not Spanish. I do not know what to say, there are world champions, Europeans, I do not expect an easy match with Spain.

I don't know what I saw in the press. We will see in the coming days.

Of course, I am a little disappointed with the situation I have been in lately. Before this period I had consecutive matches in which I was a starter, I played well, I felt good. Suddenly I didn't play anymore, I don't know why. This is the situation, these are the coach's decisions. I hope that after the national, when I return, the situation will change, I mean my situation.

I hope the revenge for the '94 Generation takes us to a World Championship in the quarterfinals, not to a qualifying match.

(How would your coach in the national team be your father in the future?) So far this is double, I do not think of anything else. I feel good, I'm in good shape, I know how I train, I know what I want to play. I came here with the desire to play and I will try, as every time, to give everything on the field ", said Ianis Hagi upon arrival in the country.

Again to the Euro! Thursday, November 14, 20:00 Romania U21 – Finland U21, live on PRO TV!

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