Scandal in Botosani! Vile, taken out of the stadium by the skipper! "The measure has passed!" What he said


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FCSB won 2-0 to Botosani, through the achievements of Coman and Gnohere, but at the end of the game was not a quiet one. The announcer of the stadium from Botosani reproached him Bogdan Vintila that he would have made certain gestures to the public, a thing denied by the red-blue coach.
"I do not understand Bogdan Vintilă. An unqualified gesture to the tribune, to be ashamed”, Were the words of the announcer of the stadium in Botosani, who fired Bogdan Vintilă from the jumps.
"I made no gesture to the public, God forbid! I want to congratulate them, I did not challenge them. I greeted them. The announcer was the one who exceeded the measure, considering that it was an increased nervousness. We moved to our supporters to applaud them"Said Vintilă at the end of the game.

Vintilă held the final mini-session in the middle of the field, after which the red-blue ones moved to the part of the stadium where they were FCSB supporters.

VIDEO from the end of the match between Botosani and FCSB

Bogdan Vintilă, also attacked by Valeriu Iftime

Valeriu Iftime, the financier of Botoșani, got angry after the match. The businessman thought that his team did not rise, but got angry when he heard that the coach of the red-blue, Bogdan Argeş Vintila, criticized the style of play of Botosani.
"If Vintilă said we played the joke, he was wrong. However, I do not appreciate him as a great coach. He has a good team, but I don't believe what he says! Maybe if he was talking about Boloni or Dan Petrescu or Hagi, it was something else, "Iftime told the Football Club.
47 years has Bogdan Vintila.

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