Schumacher's exmanager denounces that his wife does not let him see him


One of the people who most marked the sporting life of Michael Schumacher was his former representative, Willi weber. Whoever was a German agent until 2012, at which time Sabine Kehm He took the lead, he has lamented now that the family of his friend were not let him see him or give him information.

"I don't know what kind of progress he is making in his situation. I would love to know how he is doing, shake his hand or simply stroke his face, but unfortunately Corinna does not allow it. Surely be afraid that I will immediately realize what is happening and make the truth public, "Weber denounced in‘ Kölner Express. "

The German pilot Michael Schumacher, with the Ferrari uniform in a file image.

These statements come after the first interview you have given Corinna Schumacher in six years, in which she says she is hopeful about her husband's recovery. He secrecy with which the matriarch of the clan has taken the physical state of the heptacampeón of the world since his ski accident has been very criticized, since they accuse her of encouraging speculation. However, both Corinna and Sabine Kehm have put a informative lock towards the state of the German, of which an image has not been seen again after his fatal blow.

The professional break between Weber and Schumacher came just in the middle of the second stage of the 'kaiser' in Formula 1, when he was already active in Mercedes, when the one that was the right hand of the German driver was accused of meddling in personal matters of the family, something that ended up blowing up almost two decades of work together.

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