Serious accusations against a famous Romanian coach: 'He made syrupy statements to a sportswoman aged 15, 16' – News on sources


The national swimming championships are held this week in Miercurea Ciuc. Ștefan Gherghel (41 years old), participant in three editions of the Olympic Games in the butterfly event, criticizes the way the competition was organized. Then, he made serious accusations about Robert Glinta's coach, Mugur Tomescu, announces

Gherghel uploaded to Facebook a video clip in which the background is covered by the hymn of the Szeklerland. Following the posting, Gherghel makes harsh accusations against Mugur Tomescu, coach of Robert Glintta, a qualified swimmer at the Tokyo Olympics.

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"Congratulations FRNPM for forcing the children to sit listening to the Szekler anthem at the National Seniors of Romania in Romania. If no one even noticed last year why not repeat the illegality.

Not to forget, congratulations to the Federation and COSR for the new standard of coaches in Romania, by choosing Glinta's new coach, a given / forced person departs from the Romanian swim in 2003 for inappropriate / illegal behavior with a girl of 15/16 years.

… Not the other but some of us are really trying to build a clean, transparent and safe Romania for our children, but I see that those from Bucharest, from the Federation do not come out very well.

PS. The most important thing, the grandfather of all the swimmers present at the Nationals ”, wrote Gherghel on Facebook.

After posting on Facebook, Stefan Gherghel, multiple World and European medalist, as well as participant in three Olympics (2000, 2004, 2008), made disturbing disclosures about Mugur Tomescu, the up-and-coming trainer of Robert Glint, the swimmer already qualified at JO 2020 Tokyo.

"In 2003, he revealed a case in which he had sent him some syrupy letters and had made some declarations of love for one of his Dinamo athletes, who was 15, 16 years old. For now, I can't tell you her name. But that is what happened, and the club knows the situation very well. It depends on how much I intend to bury these miseries.

When she saw the letters, the girl's mother went immediately to Dinamo and asked for an account, of course. The next day, Tomescu disappeared from the club, but not because they kicked him out, but forced him to withdraw discreetly, on his own initiative. The case is notorious in the world of swimming, and if the president of the federation, Camelia Potec, will say that she doesn't know about Tomescu's problem, it's still her fault that she doesn't know!

Anyway, I understood that in some circles it would have been pronounced that he can no longer control Glint, he can do nothing and he is better in any position and accepts any requests of the boy than losing a rising star. Tomescu was on a list of coaches requested by Glință, and the federation was not able or dare not say "without Tomescu!" ".

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Mugur Tomescu reacted: "There is nothing true! I know about these discussions, I didn't see any letter, but I remember it was a scene from the mother of a girl named Fabian, who I am convinced that she acted at the urging of someone in the club, who wanted to remove me from Dinamo. Nothing was proven. If there was any written, unsigned, unassuming, how could he attribute it to me? ”.

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