Silente International Film Festival


* Celebrate 100 years of The Gray Car

Mexico, November 12 (Notimex) .— The fourth edition of the Silente México International Film Festival (FIC) – dedicated to the dissemination, preservation and research of this genre at the local, regional and international level – will present 85 short films from 33 countries , eight competing categories and a retrospective of contemporary silent filmmakers. From November 26 to 30 in Puebla, the centenary of The Gray Car (1919), a film directed by Enrique Rosas (1877-1920), which narrates “the fearsome misdeeds of the then band, will also be celebrated of the gray car, whose crimes without truce lashed Mexico City at the beginning of the 20th century. ” In a statement, the Federal Ministry of Culture stressed that the tribute will consist of a live musical cinema-concert by José María Serralde Ruiz, a keynote lecture by Aurelio de los Reyes, an exhibition with a collection of the National Cineteca and a seminar on the film restoration, taught by Paolo Tosini, restaurateur of the Mute International Film Festival of Pordenone (Italy). With the resistance as the main theme, the festival brings together contemporary silent filmmakers, musicians, academics and representatives of national and international film archives, developing activities such as film-concerts, screenings, conferences, workshops, talks, books and exhibitions. The festival is a space for the conservation of silent film heritage as a fundamental cultural right and an instrument of memory, meeting and participation for our society. In this 2019 edition, the award categories raise a tribute to the feminine figures of Mexican silent cinema through recognitions named as follows: Mimí Derba, the best Siliente Short Film; Elena Sánchez Valenzuela, for the best Fiction Short Film; Adela Sequeyro, for the best Experimental Short Film; Adriana and Dolores Elhers, for the best Documentary Short Film; Taumatropo, to the best Animated Short Film; Cándida Beltrán Rendón, for the best Children's Short Film; and Emma Padilla, for the best extended short film and feature film Siliente, with screenings of films from Argentina, Colombia, Italy and Mexico.

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