Silhouette in Danger! What did Gina Pistol call for not getting fat during filming for Asia Express


Andreea Romaniuc Archip,

Gina Pistol left on the "Road of the Treasures" with two suitcases stained with clothes, cosmetics and other things
indispensable for a woman, but also reconciled with the thought that food will no longer be
the same one that the body got used to in everyday life. It already has
experience from the past seasons of the show “Asia
Express ”when needed
to adapt to the new living conditions. "In the
as for the food, I'm not very picky, but in the «Asia Express»
it is quite difficult to keep a diet or have a fixed meal schedule, "he said,
for Freedom, Gina Pistol.

He cleansed the fruit

Not to
endangers the forms of envy, the TV host decided to give up
completely at the menu proposed for the first meal of the day. “In the first two seasons I preferred to eat only fruit at the little one
breakfast, because most of them only cooked cooked food, with sauces, food
pretty heavy for the first hour of the morning. And the real meal, for us, those
it was only in the evening when we arrived at the hotel, but you can't imagine us
I pampered myself with culinary delights, like "Chefi a knife"! (laugh). I remember
of race through India, where we eat yogurt fries … and the tuna box on
I just received it a few days ago it just seemed like gold to me! ”, she told us
star told. Gina Pistol is
aware that it will have some new things in the Philippines and in Taiwan: “I am sure it will be a new experience that we will not forget
too soon, neither we, but certainly not the competitors, ”she added.

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